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Poem by Post Mission Statement: To connect readers with contemporary poetry of all kinds by bringing poetry into the home.

Subscribe and you will receive one of these each month by a different contemporary poet in your mailbox. Each one will be sent on a 8 x 6 sized postcard set to a work of art.

First Four

A sampling of the July through October Poem by Postcards

Poems Are: 

heart-warmers, heart-wrenchers, meditations, levitations, brain blowers, eye openers, belly busting laughs, luscious mental landscapes, cerebral sceneries, extraordinary and extraterrestrial, bits of inspiration and consolation, deep breaths that take your breath away, words to live by and die by, excavations, revelations, and translations of the ineffable.


Poem by Post Linda White

Poem by Postcard gracing the home of a subscriber. Photo by Linda White

What is Poem by Post?

Poem by Post is a unique way to experience poetry. You will receive one poem every month in the mail with a work of art as a backdrop. Each month will feature a different poet. Each year will feature a couple of artists as well. The poems are a mix of styles, genres, subjects and tones in the poems to add a wide variety. This way you get a smorgasbord of poems and delightfully surprised each and every month. Get a poem that isn’t your cup of tea? Never fear, you’ll get a different poem from a different poet next month.

Poem by Post also helps connect the poet with readers that may not come across their poetry otherwise. Find a poem that you like? The info on the poet and where to buy their book is on the back of your Poem by Post. Likewise, if you enjoy the featured artist you can find info on them on your Poem by Post as well. It is not just a pleasant way to receive and read poetry, but a way to broaden the subscriber’s poetic horizons and promote poets and artists at the same time.

Why Don’t I Just Read Poems on the Internets Like a Normal Person?

While Poem by Post encourages you to read and experience poetry in all its forms, Poem by Post is a nice way to infuse poetry in your monthly life.  Between your slavish dedication to your workout schedule, and working on the next multi-million dollar app, it’s easy to forget to take the time to read poetry. This makes it easy for you. Take a minute to subscribe, then let the poetry come to you. Think of it as a poetic alarm clock that wakes you up to the poetry of the world on a daily (or at least a monthly) basis. The poem shows up in your mailbox. You delightfully exclaim, “Ah, a poem! And what beautiful work of art to go with it,” then read the poem on the walk back up your driveway. There is a work of art the poem is printed on to add a bit of color to your day as well. It makes a nice card to keep on your fridge, use as a book mark, or pass it along to a friend who might enjoy it as well. Poem by Post also makes a great gift, consider buying a subscription for a friend.

This Sounds Great. I’m All Signed Up. When Will My Poems Arrive?

You will receive one Poem by Post every month for twelve months. Your first one will arrive the month following the month in which the payment was received. Subscribe in April and you’ll receive your first poem in May. The poems will be mailed off anywhere between the 1st and 15th of the month.  Sometimes it will show up early, other times a bit later, but it will show up within the calendar month. It’s all part of being surprised and delighted by poetry. If it does not, please contact us.

I Like My Subscription So Much, Can I Order The Poems From Previous Years?

As we are just starting out with this, we do not have any previous poems to order. In the future, we plan to have packets of all twelve poems from the previous calendar year to purchase in a bundle.

One Last Question, Does Poetry Matter?

Yes.  Yes it does.